“… when people have meaningful work, they work harder, smarter, and better, and their companies are more profitable.”

Barry Schwartz, ideas.ted.com

It’s about caring. The level of care that an employee puts into their job is in direct correlation to how much they understand the meaning of their work on the organization. In Schwartz’s example, it’s about the hospital custodian who sees “themselves as playing an important role in an institution whose aim is to see to the care and welfare of patients.”

Said more simply, and succinctly by Simon Sinek in one of Ted’s most watched talks: It’s not about what you do, it’s about why you do it. Successful companies who apply this mantra to their product (as Sinek presents), will also succeed when creating meaningful opportunities for their employees. 

Debra Swersky

Debra Swersky helps people and companies create better first impressions which leverages her background in product marketing, technology, and operations. INTERESTS: Running, walking, biking, Bar Method, coffee talk, arts and crafts, and Supper Club. EMPLOYMENT: LionsMouth Digital (2016-Present). LBD Producers (2014-Present). IDEA for Africa Board Member (2015-Present). EDUCATION: Bachelors of Arts, Italian and Spanish Languages, Binghamton University (December 2006) Masters of Business Administration, Babson College (December 2014)