“He handed me a rope and it was up to me whether I would climb it or use it to hang myself."

Amy Poehler, “Yes, Please.”

The rope was Lorne Michaels’ way of providing Amy Poehler with an opportunity to succeed: advice and expectations. Amy knew what she had to do: The Weekend Update. She was challenged by her manager and supported by her team. 

Help your (new) employees climb the rope. Provide them with the tools and resources they need from day one so that you can challenge and support them through the problems that need to be solved everyday thereafter.

Debra Swersky

Debra Swersky helps people and companies create better first impressions which leverages her background in product marketing, technology, and operations. INTERESTS: Running, walking, biking, Bar Method, coffee talk, arts and crafts, and Supper Club. EMPLOYMENT: LionsMouth Digital (2016-Present). LBD Producers (2014-Present). IDEA for Africa Board Member (2015-Present). EDUCATION: Bachelors of Arts, Italian and Spanish Languages, Binghamton University (December 2006) Masters of Business Administration, Babson College (December 2014)